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Water Wise Liners manufacture and install a wide range of water storage related products for the local and export market, from D.I.Y dam liners, corrugated tanks, mesh reservoir to pond liner kits.

Home of the 1000 micron Reinforced PVC liner/Thickest and most durable PVC liner in South Africa.

We line Reservoirs with PVC and 1.5mm HDPE

Water Wise Liners are used for Corrugated reservoirs, brick & cement reservoirs, tanks and can be custom made to any shape.Water Wise PVC Linings can be made to the size of your existing structure. Reservoirs fitted with our liners have proved over- and- over the benefit of lining a dam. The farming community have reported a drastic drop in maintenance cost on their wind pumps, due to water loss being reduced with the Water Wise Liners.

We ship our liners world wide.


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